As at 11 March 2024
Extracted from Annual Report 2023

Shareholdings Held in Hands of Public

Based on information available to the Company as at 11 March 2024, approximately 67.63% of the issued ordinary shares of the Company is held by the public and therefore, Rule 723 of the Listing Manual issued by Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited is complied with.

* The percentage of shareholdings was computed based on the issued share capital of the Company as at 11 March 2024 of 343,656,561 shares (which excludes 13,155,774 shares which are held as treasury shares representing approximately 3.83% of the total number of issued shares excluding treasury shares).

There were no Subsidiary Holdings (as defined in the SGX-ST Listing Manual) as at 11 March 2024.

* The percentage of issued ordinary shares is calculated based on the number 356,812,335 of issued ordinary shares of the company as at 11 March 2024 (excluding 13,155,774 treasury shares).

Directors’ Interests in Shares of the Company